How to find what you need

RONLAW has been designed to allow users to effectively browse and search the system with minimal training. If you are familiar with other legal publication management systems then you should find RONLAW intuitive and easy to use. All documents uploaded to RONLAW are text-searchable.


RONLAW contains legislation, court decisions, Gazettes and other relevant documents.


Legislation in RONLAW is divided into two categories - Acts and subordinate legislation. Each category is divided in 3 different collections:

- as passed/made - contains copies of Acts as passed and subordinate legislation as made

- in force - contains copies of the Act or subordinate legislation as in force today

- historical - contains superseded or repealed copies of legislation

 Each collection can be accessed in two ways either by browsing or by searching.

 For a step by step guide to browsing and searching, including screenshots, click here.

Court decisions

RONLAW contains a collection of Supreme Court of Nauru decisions. These decisions are dated according to the date the decision was delivered in the matter.


RONLAW has an almost complete collection of all Government Gazettes published in Nauru since 1968. The Gazettes have been scanned in their original format. This allows users to download, save and print their own copy of any Gazette.

Boolean search

RONLAW has a Boolean search engine. This allows users to perform advanced searches across multiple collections. For more information on Boolean searching and searching multiple collections at once click here.