About the system

Welcome to RONLAW - Nauru's Online Legal Database.

RONLAW stands for Republic Of Nauru Law.

Our database contains copies of Nauruan legislation, court decisions, gazettes and other relevant documents. For information on searching the different collections check out.

Over time RONLAW will grow to house historical versions of legislation, all subordinate legislation and court decisions. As new legislation is passed in Nauru RONLAW will be updated to include that material, and amendments will be incorporated into consolidated versions of legislation within 24 hours of of being made. Superseded versions of legislation will progressively be added to the collection of historical legislation.

Our goal is to provide true real-time access to the laws of Nauru.  RONLAW is administered by the Legal Publication Unit in Nauru's Office of Parliamentary Counsel.

RONLAW has been designed in accordance with the principles of the Montreal Declaration on Free Access to Law. All you need to view documents on RONLAW is a PDF viewer. A free PDF viewer can be downloaded here or you can use your PDF viewer of choice.

RONLAW has been developed using open-source software and development tools.

RONLAW was developed as part of the NZAID-funded Legal Information Access Project (LIAP).